Who Were Jeannette and Isabella and why did they need a torch?

I need me some new Christmas music. I've been listening to the same stuff for about ten years now, and it's all stuff that was already kind of outdated, like, um, the Oak Ridge Boys and the Osmonds. (Now I'm all embarrassed for myself.)

I like Christmas music that's a bit zippy -- the Rat Pack Christmas album is good, for example (Chris is a Rat Pack fan). I bought Mallory the "Olivia Newton John Christmas Album" last week and Olivia's still got some pipes but wow, all the songs are really slow and dull. I like carols and non-secular songs equally, all other things considered.

"White Christmas" is my least favorite song.

So, any suggestions for me?

(Is my post title too obscure?)


MomofK9s said...

I hate to admit this but I still have a thing for the Carpenters. and of course Feliz Navidad by Jose Feliciano. I have a mixed CD you know one of those Music NOW CD that has old favorites and new stars (Mariah Carey etc) that I like quite a bit. You wanna put it on your ipod? Oh and Martina McBride is good.

aimee said...

ok, I just ordered the Osmonds and the Christmas album that we used to listen to all the time as kids. (I think Casey and I liked it more than you and Jana). So I am not much help. I am all for the nostalgic kind of thing. And I have no idea who were Jeannette and Isabella and what torch?

J&H Noble said...

My favorite Christmas CD's are the 'Point of Grace' Christmas one and 'City on a Hill' by various artists. And I've been listening to them for a couple of weeks already! ;)