You know how you start playing a stupid computer game one day because you're bored and need a way to kill time and then the game turns out to be kind of fun and you play it more and more often and then you get stuck on a level as it becomes more challenging and suddenly it's not just something you turn to when you're bored, suddenly your mission in life is to pass this wretched level you're stuck on, suddenly nothing else in the world matters and you even google strategies for this ridiculous game and you keep trying and trying and thinking "this time I'm going to do it! this time I'm in the groove!" and you keep playing even though there are many other things you need to be doing such as your job and even though the game is not even fun anymore but it doesn't matter, you must keep playing, you must get past level 8, even though your eyes are blurring and your head aches and your hand is permanently frozen in mouse-clicking position and after spending ALL DAY trying to get past level 8 you STILL haven't been able to do it and all you can think about is going home and putting the kids to bed as quickly as possible so you can try AGAIN, because if you don't get past freaking level 8 in this stupid, awful, cursed game you might as well just stop breathing?


So, how was your day?


Anonymous said...

Nancy Edelmon told me once that she had spent an entire day playing Spider solitaire! I may be guilty of that myself sometimes!


aimee said...

This is why I don't play those games. Because I can't stop.

J&H Noble said...

I'm picturing Chandler on 'Friends' with the claw from playing Ms. Pacman. Ha!

Isn't it frustrating though when your job gets in the way of life??