the closet

Amy has challenged me to list 8 things that are hidden in the back of my closet. I try not to actually look to closely at the back of my closet, so these are my closest guesses:

1. At least three no-longer-needed diaper bags.

2. An outfit that I've been meaning to return to Land's End for at least six months now.

3. One of our wedding pictures, which has a broken frame which I keep meaning to replace.

4. Shoes, shoes, shoes, shoes.

5. Possibly a pair of fuzzy slippers. I miss those fuzzy slippers. Maybe I should brave the mess and go try to find them.

6. Baby blankets.

7. A few small toys that I meant to stick in the girls' Christmas stockings. Maybe next year.

8. And I'm guessing, a bunch of mismatched socks.

My closet isn't very interesting, I'm afraid.


aimee said...

That would be a scary place for me. I hate my closet and its mess.