Dwayne the bathtub, I'm dwowning!

Phoebe has started telling knock knock jokes. Kind of. Examples:

Knock knock!

Who's there?


Olive who?

I love you!

Okay, that one's all right. But then things go downhill:

Knock knock!

Who's there?


Olive who?

You don't have to cry about it!

This one, however, she seems to have made up herself, and it's not bad:

Knock knock!

Who's there?


Grapes who?

Don't grapes the eggs!

(Get it? Grapes? Like breaks? Don't break the eggs? Well, I thought it was clever. For heaven's sake, she's only two.)

As for Mallory...well, for years now (funny to say that about someone who's only six), Mallory has perpetually mixed up oranges and peaches. "Can you peel me a peach?" she'll say, holding up a clementine. So you can guess what happened when she tried to tell that most famous (and annoying) of knock knock jokes...that's right: "Peach you glad I didn't say banana?"

True confession time, though -- I was maybe sixteen, seventeen, twenty-three years old before I realized that "orange you glad" was meant to be "aren't you glad." So that joke never made much sense to me to begin with.


aimee said...

Knock Knock?

Who's there?


Police Who?

Police no more knock knock jokes!!

(This is the one I tell my kids when I am sick of hearing theirs.)


Anonymous said...

I'll never forget when Cam started to tell knock knock jokes to Granddad John. Caleb and Kristi were there so granddad thought that this would be funny:

GJ- Knock Knock.
Cam- Who's there?
GJ - Caleb.
Cam- Caleb who?
GJ - Caleb Barker.

Cam and granddad thought that was hilarious. So I guess bad knock knock jokes run in the family and it starts way up at the top.


J&H Noble said...

Kids and their jokes crack me up. My nanny's 3 year old always has one for me and they don't even make sense. A quick, frantic look to Abbey rewards me with "Just laugh and she'll move on." Thankfully it works, b/c I'm speechless when I'm faced with some of the punch lines. I love how their minds are always spinning!