From the mouths of, etc.

Mallory has become a fan of the Magic Tree House books (why didn't I think of the Magic Tree House books? Because I totally could've written those and then I'd be the famous-to-the-kindergarten-set-author). The other night we were reading the one where Jack and Annie go back to Ancient Greece, and Annie is not allowed to go into Olympic Stadium because she's a girl. I paused to explain to Mallory that a long, long time ago, girls were not allowed to do things that boys were, such as going to school or playing sports or learning to read and write.

"That's terrible!" Mallory said. "You must have been very sad."


"I bet you wished you were a boy so you could do those things."

"No no, this was a long time ago."

"Right. When you were little."


This morning I found a bag of chocolate coins in Phoebe's backpack. "Phoebe, where did these come from?" I asked.

Phoebe looked up with big wide eyes. "From the leprechauns!" she said.


aimee said...

Yeah, Krista, I bet you were so sad that you couldn't do those things. ;)

J&H Noble said...

How old are you?! ;)

Love it- even little Phoebe knows about the leprechauns. We were in D.C. over St. Patty's Day, and the crazies were out partying in full swing! The entire metro was a sea of green t-shirts and mardi-gras type beads. Amazing.