The Middle

Well, to summarize, we went to the beach and the NC Aquarium and the girls had a fabulous time, although honestly we could have gone down the road to the Hampton Inn and they still would have had a fabulous time, because what they liked best was the swimming pool and eating donuts for breakfast. Other highlights:

  • Mallory trying one of my fried shrimp at dinner, pushing away her chicken strips, and saying, "I want all of your shrimp for me!" Which was okay, because I also had some divine crab-stuffed shrimp which she did not want to share. Yummy. And expensive, thus explaining why we had donuts for breakfast.

  • Phoebe and I found the ocean water way too cold, but Chris and Mallory managed to wade in up to their knees for a while. A group of teenagers in bikinis ran past them into the waves and Mallory said, "Those people are from Crazyland!"

  • Phoebe announced, "This was a good idea. My favorites were the beach and the swimming pool!" ... when the only things we'd done were go to the beach and the swimming pool.

  • I found this too cool: Coming to the very end of I-40 on the way there, and joining it at its origination point on the way back, where there stands a sign proclaiming "Barstow, Calif -- 2554 miles." If I'd known that was coming up, I would've had my camera ready.

And, well, there's not a whole lot more to say. It was fun. Here are pictures.

The beach! My three favorite people, standing at the edge of the continent.

Sad little girls leaving the hotel:

At the aquarium. These turtles were so perfectly still I was convinced they were fake.

My favorite, the octopus:

And now my little night owl is demanding attention, so I guess that will have to do. Speaking of trips, however, I want to wish my mom and grandma a safe journey to Italy next week. Have fun over there!


Anonymous said...

Thanks, Krista. Your trip sounds like fun. It's nice when your kids enjoy your efforts, too!


aimee said...

Sounds like you had a great time. It is always the quick trips closer to home that seems the most fun for the kids. Wonder why...:)

J&H Noble said...

Glad you guys had a good time. The aquarium sounds fun to me. Funny- Justin and I lived about a mile from the Dallas Aquarium for a year and never went. What a waste.