An etiquette question for you

I have decided that I'm going to try to wrap the majority of my Christmas presents in reusable bags like these. (Wouldn't you like a gift wrapped like that? Is it not adorable?) I wish I could sew, so that I wouldn't have to blow most of my Christmas budget buying these bags, but what can you do.

Here's the question. The idea of using reusable bags is, of course, that they will not be thrown away, that they will be used next Christmas and the next and so forth. But, um, would it be rude to ask for the bag back so that I can reuse it next year, or should it just be part of the gift, and just be passed on so that hopefully that person will reuse it? I mean, obviously if I wrap a gift for, say, the girls' teachers in one of these I wouldn't ask for it back. But amongst family members, should I? Since only my family members read this blog, I suppose what I'm asking is -- if I give you your gift in this gift bag, could I have it back?


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MomofK9s said...

Yes, absolutely. I have even saved 2 or 3 that I have received for you. I just need to find them. All you have to do is remind me! Oh, and I would stick a cute little note on there like "help me save the environment and return the bag...thanks"! Well maybe not that cheesy but you get my point! What about if you just bought fabric, sewed a hem on and use like wrapping paper?

Anonymous said...

The simple answer is no. The bag is now mine. I'm completely selfish.

Just kidding. About the bag not about being selfish.


aimee said...

Of course I'll give it back.

Unless I want it.

Just kidding. Casey always brings that out of me.

Hey, Casey, why don't you ever post a comment on my blog?

aimee said...

Oh, and that is so great of you by the way.

I decided to wrap them all in butcher paper. A cheaper version of gift wrap. I am using reusable ribbon. Maybe I'll get that back.