Just Desserts

About a year after I started dating Chris, I was dubbed the official dessert-maker for all family get-togethers. This suited me fine, as dessert is my favorite part of every meal. Usually for Thanksgiving I make a caramel apple pie. Last night I wondered aloud what else I should bring.

"How about an apple pie and a cherry pie," Chris said.

"No, how about an angel food cake with strawberries?" Mallory suggested.

"Strawberries are not exactly an autumn fruit," I said.

"Well, then, how about a chocolate cake?" she said.

"That would be okay. I wish I could make an Italian Cream Cake like Grandmom does. That's my favorite cake, but mine never turns out as good as hers does."

"Have I ever had that kind of cake?" Mallory asked.

"I think so. I think she made it last Christmas."

"Oh yeah!" Mallory's eyes gleamed. "That was good! Eating it was like...like sliding down a rainbow!"

No one has ever been quite that rapturous about any dessert I have made. Actually some members of Chris's family don't even eat dessert, which I find hard to understand. My caramel apple pie is good, it's fine, except that I don't make my own pie crusts. No one cares except me, and I only care because my mom always makes her own pie crusts, and they are so much better than the store-bought ones. Mom also makes a fruit salad which is divine and which cannot be replicated (I think both of my sisters and I have all tried without success). I'm not sure what I did the one time I tried to make an Italian Cream Cake, but it certainly wasn't the same.

I wonder if, in years to come, my daughters will say to their daughters, "I wish I could make a _______ as good as your grandma does."

Somehow I'm doubtful.

Anyway, what desserts are you bringing, or expecting, or craving this Thanksgiving? I need some inspiration.


H Noble said...

Funny thing- I have been nominated to bring homemade pies to Justin's family holidays too. I was thrilled that they appreciated my hard work, until I took 2 whole pies (minus the piece I ate) back home last year. No more. If they want to eat their second-rate desserts, fine with me! I'm not wasting the time or energy.

I'm sorry, that probably wasn't the intent of your question, was it? I'm making more WeightWatcher friendly items to take so that I can enjoy the feast and not feel so guilty. Sweet Potatos with Pineapple glaze, anyone?

aimee said...

I have been thinking about desserts too. Semething chocolate is always nice. Or how about a chocolate ginger pound cake? I just read that recipe the other day. Or a pumpkin dessert in a cup? I will send you that one too if you want.

MomofK9s said...

I vote for some kind of cherry pie! Somewhere my om has a recipe for a vanilla pudding cake with like a chocolate frosting glaze on it which I LOVE. Oh and graham crackers on the bottom. YUMMY! I am one of the ones that does eat dessert!