Five more things about Phoebe

1. Phoebe's imaginary friends are named Apple, Rainbow, and Ellis.

2. At her preschool Thanksgiving feast today, Phoebe ate half a roll, two grape tomatoes, and one baby carrot.

3. Phoebe has a mental catalog of what she was wearing at important times in her life, and she requests certain outfits accordingly. "Today I would like to wear the purple dress I wore to the strawberry patch," she'll say, or, "today I want to wear the red dress I was wearing when Papa filled up his swimming pool."

4. Phoebe will ask for a kleenex, hold it to her nose, and sniff deeply.

5. Phoebe says "loosic" for "music," and "woovie" for "movie," just like her big sister did.


MomofK9s said...

I named the build a bear efalant Ellis. I hope that was the right choice.

aimee said...

She is going to be a fashionista. Get ready!