Apples and witches

My inlaws always come over on Halloween - his parents pass out candy at our house while Chris, Amy and I take the girls trick-or-treating. This year Mallory wanted to turn it into a whole Halloween party, and she grew annoyed with me when I wouldn't buy a pinata or make cupcakes. "Can we at least bob for apples?" she asked, having just discovered that there is such a thing as bobbing for apples. I said we could. So she wrote this Party Schedule and hung it on our front door:

4:30 - 4:35 Bob for Apples
4:35 - 6:35 Eat dinner
6:40 - 8:00 Trick or treat

I found the sign both amusing and profoundly sad.

Anyway, here are the girls bobbing for apples:

Here is the Witches' Coven -- Amy as Elphaba, Mallory as a Candy Corn Witch, and Phoebe in the witch's costume Amy wore when she was little:

Mallory's skirt kept popping up (it had a kind of springy thing in the hem, oddly) and her tights were too small; the costume turned into a total wardrobe malfunction and cut her trick-or-treating short.

Phoebe made it all the way around the neighborhood; her most exciting acquisition was a tiny bag of Goldfish crackers. "Mommy, promise I can eat my goldfish as soon as I get home," she kept saying.

Batman dropped by too:

Scary pumpkin!

As for me, I went as a mom...the only thing I've ever wanted to be.

(Yes, I used that line last year too.)

(Yes, my kids think I'm totally lame.)


aimee said...

Noah was very sad that I didn't dress up as anything but a mom.

Great costumes!