An Election Day Memory

November 7, 2000

After voting, Chris and I went out for Chinese food with some friends. We ate and strolled around Target for a while. We got back in the car; the radio came on, and an announcer said: "We are now calling Florida for Al Gore. I repeat, Al Gore has won Florida."

"Did he say Florida?" I said, amazed. "Wow, he's certain to win now!"

This was the end, the end of innocence.

Okay, it would be more effective if I just stopped writing, but I also remember Election Day 1992, when I was in England and couldn't vote. I also had no TV and no radio and (can you imagine) no internet (because Gore hadn't invented it yet). I was in my tiny dorm room writing a paper on Gulliver's Travels when I heard someone down the hall shouting: "Ralph Nader Ross Perot has won three states!"

I was relieved, the next morning, when I found a newspaper and found it wasn't so.


aimee said...

That was the year that I was pregnant with Rhett and we were in Kansas and I couldn't vote because I never changed my driver's license to a Kansas license. Which was good because in just 2 short months, we moved back to Texas.

Karen said...

That was the election that has never ended. People are still wondering what would have happened if...

I am also intrigued about the ballot in Nevada which has a "none of the above" choice. What if everyone chooses that one?