Upping the Santa Ante

Two years ago, Mallory's wish list to Santa included "a bell from your slay."

Last year, her list included "a note from you and a pawprint from one of your raindeer."

This year, her list includes "a picture of your house at the North Pole and the area around your house."

I think she's trying to catch somebody ... and it's not Santa.


aimee said...

Whoa. What are you going to do? I'm debating on just telling Rhett the truth. He asked me the other day if I was the Tooth Fairy. I said something like what if I was? Then he said that would mean Santa wasn't real either and how terrible that would be. Eeek.

Karen said...

Yeah, how are you going to handle this development? It's going to be interesting!

Anonymous said...

You and chris are both great with photoshop, make one up. I remember when I found out that there was no Santa. Seriously, that was the saddest Christmas. And I knew before Chris and never told him because I remember how sad I was. Good Luck!