You mean...?

After picking up pizza for dinner, we drove by a Taco Bell, which inspired this conversation:

Mallory: I'm glad we're eating pizza instead of Taco Bell. Gross.

Phoebe: Well Daddy likes Taco Bell.

Me: I don't think he does. He'll eat there, but it's not his favorite.

Phoebe: Do you like it?

Me: No, not really. There was a restaurant like it in Texas, though, called Taco Villa. They had apple burritos which were very good.

Mallory: Mommy, stop trying to make me think that Texas is some kind of wonderland.

Me: Pardon?

Mallory: I mean, I do like going to Texas, but you know I hate to fly, so why bring it up?

Me: Well --

Mallory: Next Christmas can we drive to Grandmom's house?

Me: No.

Phoebe: It would take forever! Plus there's that lake, you know.

Mallory: What lake?

Phoebe: That lake. You know. That big lake. We saw it last year on the way to Great Wolf Lodge.

Me: You mean the Mississippi River?

Phoebe: Yeah, that.

Mallory: But that's a river. There's not a big lake. I mean, not a lake that's too big to cross over in a car, right, Mommy? There's not a really big lake like the one that's at the beach, right?

Me: You mean the ocean?

Mallory: Yeah, the ocean. There's no ocean on the way to Texas, right?

Me: No, of course not.

Phoebe: But there is the Mississippi Lake!

Mallory: Yeah, but you can drive across that on one of those things. You know, a road track trail thing.

Me: You mean a bridge?

Mallory: No, of course I don't mean a bridge. Bridges are made of wood.

Phoebe: The pizza smells so good, I wish I could eat it right now. I wish I could eat pizza all the time.

Mallory: I wish I had pizza shoes.

Phoebe: Ewww! A pizza hat would be better.

Mallory: Ewww! What if your hair was dirty?

Phoebe: Okay, the best would be pizza mins.

Mallory: Mins? What's a mins?

Phoebe: Mins. Mih. Ens. That you wear on your hands.

Mallory: What do you mean, mins?

Me: You mean mittens?

Phoebe: Yes! That's what I mean.


aimee said...

I love it! Min. Ens. Duh! lol!

And keep trying to make Texas a wonderland, sis. We want you to come! :)