Homework Hijinks

Proving once more that children are completely unpredictable, Mallory finished up her weekly spelling and writing assignments ahead of time and without complaint. But as I was leafing through her homework journal, checking her work, I found this note to her teacher:

Dear Mrs. T:
Thank you for being such an awesome teacher. You teached me science. You teached me math. You teached me about the Catholic faith. You teached me spelling. I love third grade!
From Mallory

It seems quite obvious that Mrs T has not yet teached the class about irregular verb forms. What's less clear is how Mrs T is going to take this note. Is she going to think that Mallory is sucking up? Will she think it's an attempt to distract her from the fact that Mallory only included three detail sentences in her assigned paragraph, rather than four? Or will she see it as a genuine expression of enthusiasm and affection, which is honestly how I think Mallory intended it? Time will tell, I suppose.


Phoebe, meanwhile, was writing the alphabet, and having a difficult time of it. She kept, charmingly, asking me to help her "un-rase" her work -- rather than erase, and doesn't unrase sound more fitting anyway? At one point she said: "Mommy, you need to unrase this E! I need to write it differently. See, I writed it wrongly!"

Unrase it -- I writed it wrongly. Someday she will be teached the right way to say that. I'm in no hurry for that day.


Chris said...

When I was cooking dinner I was smiling to myself as Phoebe was saying those things...very cute.

Karen said...

I like unrase better too. It seems to describe the process better!

I love Mallory's letter and am glad that she loves 3rd grade. Maybe her teacher will take is as a hint to teach irregular verb forms!

aimee said...

I think Mallory's teacher will love it.