Five Little Brownies

...took an ice skating lesson.

The FIRST little brownie listened carefully to the instructor, performed all the steps with a grimly determined look on her face (but not a single smile), made it twice across the rink, and clumped off the ice at the end of the lesson. "That was hard, and not very fun," she said.

The SECOND little brownie attacked the ice with glee, skinny little legs flailing wildly. She fell a lot, but laughed each time and got right back up. Her technique was not the greatest, but she managed to fly across the ice anyway. She stayed on the rink after the lesson was over, and begged her mom to stay even longer after the allotted two hour Girl-Scout skate was up.

The THIRD little brownie has some kind of natural athleticism which allowed her to grasp proper ice-skating concepts right away. She was cautious, but she was good.

The FOURTH little brownie had spaghetti legs and just could not stay up. She spent most of the lesson falling over or being dragged bonelessly along by the instructor. When the lesson was over she was crying tears of frustration. "But you tried," we told her, "you were so brave for trying!"

The FIFTH little brownie sat quietly through the safety lesson and then burst into tears when it was time to line up to go out on the rink. "I don't want to I don't want to I don't want to," she sobbed, and neither her leaders nor her troop members could change her mind. "You won't get an Ice Skating patch for your vest," the troop leader warned. "I don't care I don't care," she sobbed. So her skates came off and she spent two hours sitting on the bleachers. Occasionally she would say, "Can I really not have a patch?" On the way home she said, "What if you take me ice skating tomorrow? Will I get the patch THEN?" She couldn't understand why the troop leader said no.

Mallory is one of these Five Little Brownies...any guesses as to which?


Anonymous said...

My guess is #5. Poor Mallory! I wish that she could just let go and have fun.


aimee said...

I hope it is #2 but I have a feeling it is #5.

H Noble said...

I'm going for 5 as well, and honestly will say that would have been me too. I've never been ice skating, but if you changed the story to roller skating, that's me. Sitting on the carpet wall and wondering how long till we can have birthday cake.