Fourteen Halloweens Ago

Yesterday afternoon, Mallory and I were sharing a snack of apples and caramel dip while Chris carved a pumpkin into the likeness of Spongebob Squarepants. "Daddy and I ate this snack on our very first date," I reminisced.

"Ewww," Mallory said.

"Hey, if we hadn't dated, we wouldn't have gotten married, and then you wouldn't have been born," I pointed out.

"What was your date like?" Mallory asked.

"We were at a friend's house, and we ate apples and caramel dip and pizza and watched a movie and handed out candy to trick-or-treaters. And right away I knew I liked your daddy because he was so friendly and nice to all the kids who came to the door."

"Daddy, what did you like about Mommy?" Mallory asked.

"Oh...uh, I don't know," Chris said.

"You don't KNOW?" Mallory said.

"Well, uh..." Chris said. "Uh...she was kind of cute, I guess."

Thanks, babe.


Anonymous said...

I, for one, am glad that it is November and I will get to read something written by you every day!


H Noble said...

Wow, Chris is a charmer, isn't he? ;)

aimee said...

Men. :)

Inaccurately Maligned Male Stereotype said...