This was a funny line

in a really good book:

If you think of the world without people it's about the most perfect thing there ever is. It's all balanced....But then come the people, and they #*^$ it up. It's like you got Aretha Franklin in your bedroom and she's just giving it her all, she's singing just for you, she's on fire, this is a special request for [you] and then all of a sudden out pops Barry Manilow from behind the curtains. -- Colum McCann, Let the Great World Spin

(Yes, this is cheating. I should write something original, but I spent the day roller skating, repairing a closet shelf, and helping Chris de-spiderize the garage. I'm having a glass of wine and going to bed.)


aimee said...

That is a great line! Hope you enjoyed your wine!