Wish she was always this easy to please at dinnertime

Phoebe: Mommy, can we have pancakes for dinner tonight?

Me (because I had no other ideas): Sure, I guess.

Phoebe: Yay! I love pancakes!


Phoebe: Mommy, why do I smell bacon?

Me: Because I'm cooking bacon.

Phoebe: Oh, I love bacon!

Me: Yes, I know.

Phoebe: What are we having with the bacon? Oh! I know! We can have biscuits! I love biscuits!

Me: No, we're having pancakes, remember? Because you asked for pancakes?

Phoebe: We're having pancakes? I love pancakes!

Phoebe eschews all condiments -- no ketchup for this child, no syrup, no mustard or mayonnaise. She does love butter, but that's the dairy source in her diet, not just a condiment. When she's eating french fries, however, she will sometimes ask for some pretend ketchup, and one of us will pretend to squirt a pretend dollop of ketchup on her plate. A few weeks ago, when, it is important to add, she was eating off of one of those kids' plates with the divided compartments, she made this request of Chris. "Here you go," he said. She looked at her plate and said: "Which dish did you put it in, Daddy?"


aimee said...

I love having breakfast for dinner.

Phoebe is so funny!