Flashback Friday!

This was me, the night I graduated from high school (or, as one of my more pedantic professors would have it, the night I was graduated from high school):

Good heavens, I was skinny. My hair was bigger than my waist.

Me and Chris on one of our first big dates. It was my birthday, he took me to the Melting Pot. The next day he went and bought himself his first new car. Which he is still driving today!

Chris talking on the phone in my old apartment in Chapel Hill. I don't know who he was talking to or why he looks so annoyed. The point of this picture is the kitchen. That there, right behind Chris? That was my entire kitchen. I had about 10 inches of counter space. Directly across from the avocado oven was an avocado refrigerator -- the kind you actually had to defrost, once in a while -- and then a small open area for a table. It was living.

This picture is blurry. It is of a time -- also blurry in memory -- when Chris and I got to go on vacation by ourselves. Also it features lovely North Carolina fall foliage, which I've been meaning to write about for a while. So look! Pretty leaves.

Aimee's wedding. Awww. We looked good. Seeing this picture makes me think I should have bangs again.

Have a good weekend!


aimee said...

Good pictures! Those are pretty leaves!

H Noble said...

Love the pictures. And what a change in you guys from HS grad to Aim's wedding. The good ol' days, huh?