My mother- and father-in-law and Amy have arranged a Big Surprise for the girls, and told them Saturday night that the Big Surprise will be revealed on Wednesday (which is also Mallory's birthday, but that's mostly incidental). So the girls, of course, have been begging us to tell them what the Big Surprise is. "Just a hint?" they say. "No," we say. "Mommy, can't we just play Hot and Cold about the Surprise?" Mallory said. "No," I said. "But it's just Hot and Cold! You don't have to really tell me," she said. "No," I said. "Well, I don't really understand how Hot and Cold works anyway," she said.

These are Mallory's guesses:

Going to Disney World
Going to an aquarium
Going to a hotel water park
A puppy
Meeting Hannah Montana
A chocolate pie as big as our house
A sleepover with her friends (not likely)

These are Phoebe's guesses:

The Beatles are coming to our house ("Phoebe, don't you know that two of the Beatles are dead?" Mallory asked. "What?" Phoebe said.)
Dora the Explorer is coming to our house
A giant apple will come and everyone will get a slice of the apple and it's really big and we'll eat it

SOME of these guesses are, in fact, going to come true, but they are not the Big Surprise. ONE guess is the correct one. If you would like to guess yourself, please do so. But you may have to wait until Thursday to find out what the Big Surprise is. Because today is the last day of November, and I am over and out.


Karen said...

My guess is ..... A Puppy!

Is November already over? I really like to know that every day you will have a new post!

aimee said...

My guess is the chocolate pie as big as the house.

Hee hee.

No, Disney World is my guess. If I'm right, can I come too?